I had no idea that this precursor wave of Camp-of-the-Saints-like fiction existed in the case of 19th c. Chinese immigration, and I appreciate your bringing it to attention with this post. I wonder whether there was any pre-Civil War precursor associated with the anti-Catholic (especially anti-German/anti-Irish) Know-Nothing movement. Looking forward to the sequel.

Looking for more information on the books you list as "portraying Chinese immigrants as a fifth column" that would "destroy American culture and values," I found that "The Yellow Wave" is actually about a supposed Chinese immigrant invasion of Australia, not the US. Perhaps it had influence in the US, but it was published in Britain. "Under the Flag and Cross," which I could find no access to directly, seems not to be specifically anti-Chinese, as multiple descriptions I found say it recounts a "Japanese-Mongolian" invasion. (Since in 1908 all of Mongolia was still part of the Chinese empire, perhaps that means "Japanese-Chinese," but it's not a slam-dunk as a book about "Chinese immigrants.")

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