My problem with articles like these are it did nothing but reiterate what everyone knows. What would’ve been compelling is actually diving into moderation and what should be done. I see articles often criticising moderation policies but offer no suggestions nor steps they would take. The truth is because it’s difficult and the writers know it’s difficult thus they stay away from going into the details

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May 29, 2023Liked by J.M. Berger

I read it and shared it on Twitter.

Then I read it again. And got a jolt. I do miss the safe space that was terrorism academia on Twitter.

Life was easier.

I'm not sure where to go next.

It's all a massive distraction. Missing Dr John Horgan because he used to keep me on my toes and it was a constant learning from brilliance.

It was safe because good people paved the way.

And shared generously, with patience.

Now it's just a constant assault on psyche and soma.

Thank you.

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I can't decide if it's the language, the attitude, or the content, but every post on WGW starts me grinning a few sentences in and keeps a dopey (tho I prefer "knowing") smile in place to the end. Sharp, engaging and only snarky when the facts demand. I love this column!

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Is content moderation possible? Can AI help with this task that would require a massive investment in human watchers? Will AI be able to defeat any moderation techniques!

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